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FO: Short n’ Sweet

Voila! Short n’ Sweet at last. In Caron Simply Soft, it’s very comfortable to wear.



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Nearly done with Short n’ Sweet! Made the armholes larger than the pattern for size M, but put in the same # of sc’s as the foundation for the sleeves. Worked out fine, though there’s a bit of bunching behind the armpit. Alternated hook sizes to keep it fitted. The sleeve looks better this length; a cute cap sleeve. Just one more sleeve to go, and I’ll put up a model shot.


One thing I’d do differently: on the first row of the sc border, do fewer stitches along each half-shell fpdc/bpdc motif to make the edge straighter. Given how long my torso is, I’d also wait four more rows before doing the neckline increase.

Took a little break from writing Chapter 5 (which is killing me, I tell you–killing me!) and hung out in the kitchen over-dyeing a ball of Woolease for fun. One packet Grape (purple), one packet Black Cherry Kool-Aid (blackish red). It was fun to see the water change color as different pigments got absorbed at different rates. The yarn was dark rose heather; and the tone looks much richer now.


Undyed, on the left; over-dyed batch on the right. I don’t think the near-boiling on the stovetop was good for the acrylic; it definitely made it scratchier. So next batch, I’ll try the steam basket method.

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It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. The highlight was leading my students on another architectural tour. The most eventful part was 10 butt-and-thigh-burning minutes of chugging up the scenic Berkeley hills stairways. Evidently the students at the back nearly mutinied. Geez, you’d think a bunch of college students could tolerate a little exertion. Hehehe.

Short n’ Sweet (again!): Okay, on to crafting. Bailed on the teal cotton Short n’ Sweet, started on Cupcake, got bored. So I bought some Caron Simply Soft in Rubine Red, a lovely pink/fuchsia tinted red, and dove into Short n’ Sweet again. This yarn is so nice to work with, especially in the brighter colors.


Short n’ Sweet’s lace pattern holds my interest, but I’ve had hair-tearing fit issues requiring multiple froggings as I experimented with alterations.

Prezzies! Brightening my days, two packages arrived this week from Renee (lllvllliss.ll3itch over at Craftster) with these goodies. Stitch markers, a crochet hook keychain, a row counter, suede yarn, and …. purse handles! I’ve got some recycled silk yarn coming in that will make a lovely bag with these handles.


If anyone knows good stuff to make with the yarn, I’d appreciate suggestions.

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1) Swatched and measured gauge.

2) Washed and blocked the swatch; re-measured gauge.

3) Taking after-wash expansion into account, cast on about 160 stitches on my Knit Picks Options circs for the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Thought, yay, I’m finally making my first sweater!

4) Re-measured after 5 rows. The gauge was off by 1.5 stitches from the original count!!!! Arrgh! Whimper.

As I learned from the helpful knitters at Craftster, turns out I should have knit a flat swatch in the round.


Having frogged the work, I’m re-evaluating the yarn, Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in mandarin orange. It’s very pretty but doesn’t feel good to work with. I could wash to soften, but the idea of washing all 15 balls is daunting. But I am anxious to get started again on this project.

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I picked this up from Kinokuniya in San Francisco J-town last weekend. My sis and I rounded off the trip with sushi-boat sushi (for nostlgic value, if not the best food quality) and a crepe-and-ice-cream cone (yum!). A lot of the patterns are a bit conservative, elegant-dowdy for my taste but others are sumptuous, like the lace wrap/collar on the cover and several of their shawls/scarves The patterns are challenging; many involve intricate motif work, some requiring yarn flower makers.

The pics is borrowed (not hotlinked) from a nifty blog, Buzzville, until I can get my own pics done. Check out their site for more pics and cool craft books.

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Mission Aborted

Waaaah. Short n’ Sweet bombed. I’m most of the way down the body now, but it’s just too chunky and unflattering. Could be solved through blocking, but… I’m about to run out of yarn! 😦

Meanwhile, the Knit Picks shipment arrived with Options interchangeable circular needles (yay!). Also a ball of Shine worsted. (more…)

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