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…I deserve a little break. Hehe. This morning I split Chapter 5 into two smaller chapters. So that puts me much closer to finishing Chapter 5, right? Except now I have to write a whole new intro for another chapter. Damn. But I’m feeling much better about my life, as I always do when work is going well.

This morning my therapist (who knits and crochets!) was wearing the most beautiful rendition of the Cupcake sweater from Stitch n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. Hers was very mesh-y, gorgeous with a coordinating tank underneath. Elegant in taupe Patons Grace yarn. Fellow yarn-craftsters, I need to share this with you: that yarn is so soft, light, and drapey! And such delicate sheen.

Promise I’ll add some pics to this post tonight. Okay, gotta get back to work now 🙂 Worked past midnight and have been relaxing with a cocktail to wind down; writing sure hypes me up.


I’ve been meaning to post this hat, which I made for my partner for Valentine’s Day. It’s a variation of my Hep Hat pattern, modified to accommodate Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn.


In keeping with the red theme, here’s one of his nifty linoleum block prints–his creative hobby, which I wish he would pursue more regularly. There’s another one based on a photo of my toes sticking out of bedsheets. Can’t decide whether it’s sweet or creepy that he takes pictures of me while I’m asleep. 😀


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The Blues

Phhht. It was a beautiful sunny day out today. But I was up all night with insomnia, and have the blues real bad. So I give you this view from my kitchen window:


The rain was several days ago. I rather liked it.

Given the miserable failure of my sweater knitting attempts, I’m working my way up with something smaller but still interesting. I bought a couple of hanks of lovely blue-green Malabrigo worsted merino (mmm, soft…. just wish it didn’t smell of vinegar).


*k1, p2tog, k1, YO, repeat from *. An extra stitch on each side for selvage. I’ve worked on it every night this week, listening to NPR (National Public Radio). It is now 4+ feet long. I’m finally getting into the zen of knitting; this pattern works up quickly on continental technique, and feels almost like crocheting.

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Kimchi Chigae

Kimchi chigae. A hearty, spicy stew made from kimchi. Kimchi, in case you’re wondering, is lacto-fermented napa cabbage made with lots and lots of red pepper. Think of it as piquant sauerkraut. Also made with daikon radishes or other veggies, kimchi is the soul of Korean cuisine.

Like most Korean Americans, I don’t know how to make kimchi and just buy it at the store. It’s tough but I try to find tasty and MSG-free brands.

I’ve always wanted to make kimchi chigae but assumed it must be insanely complicated. Then one day, with a slightly overripe jar of kimchi in the fridge, I ran across this post by Yarn Abuse. I’m actually pretty good at amalgamating recipes, so after an extensive survey of online recipes, I came up with this:


Recipe follows. (more…)

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I’ve been scared to look up the exact deadline to file my dissertation this semester. Dum-da-dum! May 18 is D-Day. From now to then, Monday entries are going to be D-Day–Dissertation Day. Here I will report my progress, possibly flog myself, and beg for encouragement and solace.

The Low-Down. Over the next 7 weeks, I have to:

  • submit Chapter 5 and the Intro to my chair for initial review;
  • send revised Intro (which nearly drove me to suicide)*, 4 and 5 to the other members;
  • do a last revise then ship out the whole diss for final approval;
  • collect signatures from everyone, including ahem, SoCal committee member who is notorious for not responding to student emails;
  • print it out according to university regs and deliver it to grad division to FILE!!

*It’s not just me; the word “suicide”–along with “depression,” “despair,” “antidepressants”–comes up frequently in relation to grad school and especially dissertation writing. Among women, so does “crying.” I’m convinced the guys cry too, they just don’t talk about it. 😉

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Here are my newest treasures, found at SF Japantown Kinokuniya Bookstore:


300 Motifs/Edgings — ISBN 4-529-04233-2


What I love about this book is that it shows how to connect motifs, and how they look in a group. Click for larger pic.


A hat book! ISBN 978-4-529-04296-3


This book includes a bunch of brimmed caps, including some with bottom-up construction (not the one shown).


Love this fedora-esque hat! Best thing is, all the patterns are diagrammed in the round, like this one for another hat (click for larger pic):


I can’t wait to make a few of these!

<edit> I finally figured out how to do progress bars without futzing with the CSS for this blog, thanks to this thread on Crochetville.  Thanks to noricum for letting people copy her html!

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Today is a beautiful, warm, sunny day. So I took the Black Quartz sweater off the manikin and have been wearing it about town:


This is from the Smoky Quartz Tunic in Interweave Crochet Fall 2006, with additional body shaping and Lion Babysoft.  The most wearable thing I have ever made.  And it’s comfy. I was going to add sleeves, but it looks so cute with a cap sleeve that I’m thinking about leaving them off. Any opinions?

Alas, knitting has been a trial.  I started a top-down raglan with a Knitware-generated pattern using Bernat Softee Chunky, thrilled about how quickly it was knitting up. Then I discovered that the stitch counts were completely screwy.   Could the problem be that it’s a free trial version?  But I knit about 3 more cables on the wristwarmers. Patience, patience.

I wanted to show off my latest cookbook acquisition:



I was depressed about something or other and wandered into the neighborhood bookstore for some restorative shopping. I saw this book by Madhur Jaffrey and couldn’t resist. First time I heard of her, she was on National Public Radio (NPR) describing her childhood food experiences in the most delectable, mouth watering terms. Like resting ripe mangos to cool in an icy mountain stream, rolling and squeezing the fruit, and piercing it to suck the cold, juicy pulp. mmmm.

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Sob. A little slice of perfectly blue sky outside my home office window, over the neighbor’s rooftop, is taunting me. Sigh. It’s finally a real Spring in the Bay Area and I am trapped in my cave… slogging through research for a client, due tomorrow. I haven’t been able to work on my own dissertation all week. I’m forcing myself to stay off Craftster until the evening.

Yesterday, my friend Sylvia broke me out of my cell for lunch at La Calaca Loca (the Crazy Skeleton) and a trip to the Towne Center in Alameda. I picked up my first sandals of the year, cute and practical as always. Also… ta-da! … two skeins of the illusive black Lion Baby Soft, at Beverly’s, for way more than I paid at JoAnn’s but oh well.

Thank god this job finishes on Wednesday. Okay, gotta stop whining and go work now. Play in the sun for me.

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