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At long last!

It’s ugly, I know, but I wanted to finish something, anything. Who cares if a washcloth is a little misshapen? Sugar n’ Cream yarn and 5mm Clover bamboo needles. This cotton is kind of yucky to knit or crochet with–I like soft, stretchy wool better. I didn’t bother to block because it’s just going to get thrown in the wash.


Frou Frou - progress1

The photo color is way off, but this Frou Frou (a wrap cardigan from Stitch n’ Bitch:  The Happy Hooker)  is moving quickly. Woolease in a warm Avocado green.  I ordered an Aero 7mm crochet hook, but still didn’t make gauge. It’s too holey with 8mm, but this is more supple than with a 6.5mm so that’s fine with me.

Malabrigo Cardigan - just cast on

The only way that I will finish a hand-knit sweater is to use really soft yarn that feels yummy in my hands. So I decided. Here is Malabrigo worsted hand-spun/hand-dyed merino in all its glory. “Shocking Pink”. Love the flexibility of Knit Picks Options cables but I don’t like slippery metal needles, so I might have to sink $$$ into the bamboo Addi Turbos.


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It’s been so long since my last post!! No pic today either. My apologies. Between diss stuff and contract research, life has been a nutty flurry.

My advisor signed off on my dissertation two Mondays ago. Should have felt great, but I get the inkling that he’s disappointed that I haven’t turned into another him. Then I drove down to LA to collect a signature from a mentor who moved to another university a few years ago. She’s an amazing woman and I’ve really missed her, so it was great to catch up for an hour.

And oh! I took my brother in law and his girlfriend to a fantastic restaurant in Koreatown:  The Corner Place.  Definitely recommend their cold/sweet/tangy noodle soup (Dongchimi Gooksu) and their barbecue.  Yum!!!  A bottle of soju went down great with the food, too.

Today, my third committee member — a sociologist/political scientist who I’ve always been afraid would say my work isn’t rigorous enough — not only signed off, but gave a great review. She all but insisted that I try to publish it as a book ASAP. So, my head is all big and puffed up now and I’m going to go for it.

On the crafting front: another stab at the Frou Frou cardigan from SnB Happy Hooker. Bought some cheap decorative cardboard storage boxes from Ikea and organized my gnarly yarn stash. I’ll start on Babette again when a shipment arrives from Knit Picks with some colors that I ran out of. I keep eyeing my sweater yarn collection — how did it get so big? — wondering what cardigan to knit.

Pics on my next post, promise!

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D-Day July 13, OMG!

Just needed to bubble and freak out at the same time. I finished polishing all six chapters and pasted them into one document. 298 pages! Yay!

I promised to deliver the whole thing (title page, TOC and the works) to my second chair tomorrow. Ahem. It’s 9:30pm and I haven’t finished writing the Introduction yet. I have half of it written, but not the most important half, the first half where the reader — my committee, anyway — finds out what the heck it’s all about before they dive in.

You’d think it would be easy to write the intro after writing the whole story out in detail. Right? Right?! *laughs hysterically*

To make matters worse, I had the stomach flu on Monday and have been subsisting on rice, crackers and bananas and herbal tea.

I’ve been telling myself all week to be zen about this, to let go of the desire to make some profound theoretical statement and stick to the story at hand. My (also dissertating) friend C. told me tonight: “embrace mediocrity.”

I need a steak. A hot chocolate. Anything except rice, crackers, and bananas. *bangs head against filing cabinet. The one filled with five years of research.*

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Babette Panels 1-6, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Completed and sewed on panel six (column on left). Three more to go! Photo shows the whole thing being spray-blocked. Don’t know how this will work: I’m using both wool blends and 100% wool yarn. If it does, I will spray block the next panel before joining it to the main work.

I looked at the blanket last night and asked myself: Was this a nutty idea? I mean, is this going to look way too 1970s? But it looks more mellow in natural light, as opposed to flash photography. In Babette I trust. *gulp*

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D-Day July 5

Ack! How did it get to be July? I had hoped to return from Yosemite with inspiration for my Intro. But in fact I didn’t think about my diss at all during the trip.

The only inspiration I got was to go backpacking in the wilderness. This was bolstered this morning when I caught sight of my legs in the mirror, noticeably shapelier after a bit of hiking and biking. (Vain, I know.) But I have bad memories of hauling 40+ pounds plus a guitar up a mountain ($#@%!@ hippy boyfriend!). Good news: the new thing is ultra-light backpacking.

TMI alert! The online procrastination degenerated into this: Any other small-chested women out there who are way too tall for petite bras? Custom bras run about $400 and look like the 1950s “foundation garments.” Desperate, ordered a ready-made style at Lula Lu. Their fit testers are all petite, but I’m crossing my fingers.

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Back from Yosemite

We survived! That is, my sister, partner and I didn’t strangle each other or wound each other’s souls during four days together. Saturday: biked around the valley on rickety cruisers (my favorite ride; damn these East Bay hills!) and cooled off with a river swim. Sunday: hiked up the endless stairs of the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls and then Nevada Falls, then back down along John Muir Trail. Spectacular views!  Later that night:  gazing at constellations and shooting stars, lying on the causeway through the meadow.

Best quote from the trip — My sister about my husband: “He’s better than any stick… you should try him out!”

He’d helped her down a steep portion of the John Muir Trail. I was using a trekking pole.


Mist Trail to Vernal Falls – photo by my sis


Vernal Falls – photo by my sis


View at the top of the world – near Nevada Falls.

Bummer that none of the pictures of the pool above turned out. Whenever I’m near clear, ice cold fresh water, I must jump in and swim around until my skin grows so numb that the water starts to feel warm.


View of Nevada Falls from John Muir Trail – photo by my sis

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