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It’s a been a while since my last crochet/knit post but I’ve been crafting — really! Here’s the evidence:


From the Fawne sweater/cardi pattern by French Girl, which I got from Jimmy Bean’s Wool. The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn and a mohair yarn double-stranded, but I just used Lion Brand Woolease in Avocado with a 6mm hook. (Yeah…. this was the yarn I was using for the Frou Frou sweater. So that project’s on hold again.) The sleeves are worked first, then the body from the bottom up. I started the body too wide, so I kept adding decrease rows until it fit around my waist properly (allowing for the center mesh) before increasing for the bust.

My first time doing a ripple pattern. Fun!


(Sorry for the fuzzy photo; I’m just learning to use my new Canon SD 850.) Laced all the way down, and in that color, it looks like Robin Hood’s tunic! It looks more feminine laced just a bit at the chest, but then the bottom flares wide. So I’m going to remove the bottom 4 or 5 rows and replace it with a new hem.

It’s warm, cuddly and soft. I do notice that the sleeves are lengthening out as I wear it, but the wavy sleeve tips fold back into cute cuffs.

I’d like to try this again–in a color that doesn’t make me look like I’m ready for a romp in Sherwood Forest!


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From Sunday through Wednesday, I stayed in downtown Vancouver at Judy (aka Dotorious Judy) and Jenny’s, along with their two dogs, Puca and George.They were all such great hosts–including the dogs who are sweet, affectionate critters. 🙂

I pretty much ate the whole time. Oh yeah, I saw a bit of the city too–biked through Stanley Park and walked through a bunch of shopping districts. But the food, the food!  Foodies read on…. (more…)

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The Getaway, Part 1 (Hike!!!)

It rained nearly every day, but it was still one of the best trips of my life. I have few usable pics, alas, because my crappy old camera couldn’t handle the low light conditions in the rainforest, especially with the cloud cover. (New camera arrived today, yippee!) Here are the highlights:

Thursday 8/16 — Lake Quinault

Flew into SeaTac in the late morning, rented a car, got lost on the way to the Lake Quinault Lodge, finally checked in, and then drove down a long, long gravel road to the Enchanted Valley Trail in the southern part of Olympic National Park. Oh, that I had arrived earlier! Gorgeous green trail, and I saw exactly one party during 2.5 hours of brisk hiking. Back at the lodge, I soaked up the breathtaking views from the lakeshore.


Friday 8/17 — Hoh Rainforest

Two hours’ drive to the Hoh Rainforest visitor’s center. They don’t call it a rainforest for nothin’. 12 miles, 6 hours, constant rain as I hiked up and back on the Hoh River Trail. It drizzled lightly under the forest canopy, but I got pretty soaked in the open patches. I checked out all the campsites along the way, thinking how nice it would be to spend a night by the river. But the hordes of mosquitos that attacked me when I sat down for lunch made me think otherwise.

I’ve never seen so much fresh water: clear streams and rivulets everywhere I turned.


My pants got so muddy (a note to the wise: don’t wear flare pants for rain hiking!) I had to rinse the bottoms out in the Hoh River. After the close-in rainforest, it was nice to take a break out in the open.


I got back to the parking lot at 7:15, and drove another 2.5 hours to the Royal Victorian Motel in Port Angeles. Basic lodgings for a reasonable price for the area, run by a very nice couple.

Saturday 8/18 — Port Angeles/Hurricane Ridge

By this time, I was feeling really run down from rushing around and being out in the rain all day. So I took it easy, taking Airborne (so much better tasting than those nasty zinc tabs) and eating tons of spicy Tom Yum Goong from a Thai restaurant for lunch and dinner. In between, I drove up to Hurricane Ridge–only 30 minutes–and climbed up the short but very steep Hurricane Hill Trail. On clear days, the peak is supposed to offer 50-mile views, past the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. Of course it rained, and I had the awesome view of, like, 20 feet at the very top, as I literally stood inside a cloud.

Still, the wildflowers and the panorama below the cloud line were worth the hike.



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A quick update

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, especially on crafting. I’ve been traveling to celebrate filing my diss. Spent three days in Olympic National Park, hiking through rainforests and climbing a cloud-covered ridge. And it rained the whole time! They don’t call it “rainforest” for nothing. Today I took a car ferry to Victoria, BC and then to Vancouver, to hang out with my friend Dotorious Judy for a few days. Tonight she took me to Richmond Night Market where I gorged myself on Asian street food. Will post pics when I return–including one of the newly finished Fawne cardigan, from a French Girl crochet pattern! And get started dyeing the rest of the yarn to finish the Babette blanket.

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… a lollipop.

This is what the Degrees Office gave me when I filed my dissertation on Wednesday. It reads “Phinally Done”.

I can read it two ways. One: as a sweet reward (probably what they meant). Or two: doing a dissertation really sucked. That one is from my chiropractor.

I started this entry feeling glib. But, the more I think about it, the more awed and happy I feel. But before I let loose: a realization that hit me when I saw the final manuscript, all boxed up.

All that worry. All that angst about am I good enough, is this good enough, blah blah blah. And really, a dissertation is just a tall stack of paper with words on it. Some pretty interesting words, I think. But still, it’s just words in print, not an all-encompassing reflection or me or even my intellect. Just some words and ideas.

Okay, some pretty kick-ass words and ideas, and a Ph.D. from a world-renowned research university. It’s time to bounce up and down and party.

Woo-hoo! I’m done!!!!!! Finally DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Six Years


… and this is what I have to show for it. My office, which I studiously cleaned when a guest stayed over, is once again disheveled. Like me right now. It’s 4:20 AM.  I just hope the degrees office doesn’t fuss over the tiny margin problem on the signature page. In less than five hours I’m off to file this baby!

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