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Stumbled onto this on the chawed rosin. It’s by Phil Ochs, and the footage was shot in Sweden in 1969. I love, love this song, having first heard it when I was 19, shortly before Gulf War I and my student antiwar organizing days. So I had to post it here.


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Saturday — October 27, 2007. March against the war in Iraq (and the impending war on Iran) from downtown SF to the Mission District. Click here for more photos on Indybay.org.

10/27/07 Antiwar Protest SF

On Delores Street, entering Delores Park. Sometimes it’s hard for me overcome being jaded — knowing the @#$@!s who started this war don’t give a shit that most people want this war to end — to get myself to a demonstration. So I was happy to see the large turnout; even with the usual end-of-march attrition, tens of thousands of protesters filled the park.

10/27/07 Antiwar Protest SF

10/27/07 Antiwar Protest SF

You can guess what these are supposed to represent.

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Malabrigo Cardi - almost done

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Forthcoming Projects

Since starting a “real” job I’ve struggled to keep this blog current.  Surprise (and expensive!) dental procedures, throbbing jaw of inexplicable origin (so says the dentist), and adverse reactions to narcotic painkillers have not helped either. But I’m still chugging away, Vicodin haze and all…

  • After ripping out the waistband (which was supposed to accentuate my waist but just made it look thicker) on my Malabrigo cardi and doing the whole thing in stockinette, I have one more sleeve and the border to knit.
  • It took no time at all to crochet BICO, a baby cardi from a Crochetme.com pattern. Too cute for words just because it’s so tiny. I’ll sew on buttons and weave in the ends after I check the fit on my friend’s baby, and then hopefully post action shots.
  • Just started a sweater from the new Crochet Me book edited by Kim Werker, using Elann.com’s fingering weight Alpaca Fina. Yes, you can create a supple crocheted garment if you use thin enough yarn. Crocheted sport weight = knit worsted weight, crocheted fingering weight = knit sport or DK weight, etc. What I didn’t figure is that by that point, the crocheting is almost as slow as knitting, especially with thin alpaca yarn.  Next time I’ll try some springy sock yarn.

Pics forthcoming!

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Finally, an FO! Well, almost–I haven’t lined it yet, and I may (gasp!) sew in my first zipper. But I was so happy to finish a project, I couldn’t wait to post.

Big Fat Bottom Bag

I got the idea after seeing Emiko Hime’s post on Craftster for a Fat Bottom Bag she had made with super thick yarn. I’d been hankering for a big hobo bag. For this, I used two skeins of Lion Chenille Thick n’ Quick with an O size hook. Yuck, I hate crocheting with chenille, but this was worth it.

Modifications from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch: The Happy Hooker pattern: About half as many of the center rows on the body, and only two rows of border finishing at the row ends to gather in the top of the bag. Then I chained about the strap length I wanted, then did 4 rows of single crochet. Sew the side edges of the bag together, and the strap to the bag, and presto! A big hobo bag.

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Oh, heaven

I started this post on 9/29 but it took me a while to find my camera cable for the pics…

I went with my mom to the Knit & Crochet Show in Oakland today. It was so much fun! (When is the next one?) Oodles and oodles of yarn and notions. I headed straight for Stitch Diva‘s booth (of course).

Stitch Diva -- crochet dress

Hairpin Lace Dress

I drooled over the brilliantly luscious hand-dyes at Carolina Homespun. As I was pawing a ruby pink/orange variegated hank of woo/mohair/silk, I told the woman next to me, “I want to die and be buried in this.” A guy there demonstrated spinning with a drop spindle. Must resist that temptation. (I’ve already tried Kool-Aid dyeing, the gateway drug; it leads to spinning and then the next thing you know, you’ve got a sheep in your back yard.)

Hand Dyed Yarns

Also made off with some great bargains at the $4 booth; $4/skein (5 skein minimum) on a wide selection of novelty yarns. At a lunch joint across the street, my mom stopped a woman to ask about her knit/ribbon-woven jacket. Her name was Marty, with the local Maching Knitting Guild, and she joined us for lunch. I learned why my machine-knit sweater attempt ended up with armholes large enough for an elephant trunk. Apparently you have to account for the weight of the anchors that pulls down the bottom of the work.

Yarn Find

 A couple of these, from Trendsetter Yarns, for a scarf (?)

Yarn Find 2

Got three skeins total for a Fat Bottom Bag, but ran out of yarn (aargh). Will have to find another purse pattern.

Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Having received my first paycheck (yay, job!) in three months, I refrained from picking up the 600-800 yard hanks of superfine alpaca at about $24 each even though they were an AMAZING DEAL! I’m going to kick myself later.

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