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Red Ribboned Hat


Thanks to Sarabeth for sending me this photo! She made my Be-Ribboned Lavender Hat (in a stunning red) for her friend, shown in the photo. It turned out really lovely, and I love the color choice.


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BICO Action Shot

Sylvia&Atti, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Here’s my friend Sylvia with her son Atticus wearing the BICO cardi I crocheted for him. Isn’t he darling?

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Plaid Felted Bag… Good Enough!

Being a perfectionist, I’m not so happy with this one, a gift for my BIL. But he’s into handmade things, so I think it’s good enough. “Good enough” is my mantra these days.

Allow me to digress for a moment. If you’ve been following my entries about my dissertation (thankfully filed! yay!), my struggle with it was all about the idea of “good enough” in its many variations. But mainly two. 1) Am I good enough?? 2) Being able to settle for good enough rather than labor for the impossible, that is, perfection. So, after having filed my diss, while I’m dabbling at post-doc academic life, “good enough” is my new motto. Part of me still asks in disbelief, even protest, You mean I don’t have to be perfect?

I finally came to the realization that my need to be perfect has been making me, well, absolutely miserable. And that, sometimes, good enough is okay. Good enough can even be… *gasp!*… good!

So in that spirit, I present:

Plaid Felted Bag

The specs:  Machine knit on your basic Bond sweater machine with size 4 keyplate and Patons Merino in Harvest. The plaid pattern just magically appeared as I knit. The handles are crocheted, and I did some trimming w/ scissors after felting.

There are so many things that went wrong, but in the spirit of “good enough” I am not going to rant about them here.  There are a few more details on my Ravelry entry; feel free to post a question if you have any.

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Baby Hats!!

Ambicrafty Baby Hat

Baby Hat

Materials: Knit Picks Swish Superwash DK, one skein each eggplant and turquoise. 5 mm hook, 4mm circular needles (extra long for magic loop technique).

size: made to fit 18.5″ circumference

This was a really fun hat to improvise. I first started out with base chain sc for the brim, and then worked upwards in granite stitch, switching colors back and forth which resulted in a cool tile pattern. Then picked up one loop from every crochet stitch with a circular needle, knit about one inch plain, and then did a normal hat decrease sequence with 7 markers.

Felici Baby Hat

Toddler Hat for Ben

Materials: Knit Picks Felici sock yarn in Aurora (2 balls), 5.5mm hook.

Size: made to fit 19.5″ head circumference

This took a bit of experimenting before I got something I was kind of happy with. I matched the stripes on two strands for this. Started with 8hdcs and did a standard crochet hat increase pattern. Then switched to hdc, fpdc mock rib pattern after achieving desired circumference with a bit of negative ease. The brim naturally wants to flare out and roll up.

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I Heart Malabrigo

Three posts in one day?  Call it pent up demand.  Here they are, my Malabrigo babies. Ooh, they’re so soft and cuddly and classy to boot!

Neckwarmer (single)

A gaggle of neckwarmers
I knit the bottom two first, using Malabrigo worsted merino double-stranded, and it came out beautifully. The pattern from Yarn Abuse is especially quick continental style, which makes the “slip stitch with yarn in front” part a breeze.With Malabrigo Aquarella (top two), I skipped the stitch pattern and did straight stockinette to show off the gorgeous texture of the thick and thin yarn. However, even after blocking there’s a little bit of a curling issue at the edge; next time I’ll do a garter or seed stitch border. I made all of these a bit shorter than the pattern, placed the buttonhole in the center of the edge instead of a corner, and did a few crochet chains instead of I-cord for the button loop (works just as well IMHO and a lot faster). On me, the top corner bends down like a collar when I button it, and I kind of like the effect.Oodles of yarn details on my Ravelry project entry for this, if anyone is interested.

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Find me on Ravelry

I’ve been trying not to spend too much time on Ravelry, but I’ve been quite impressed with the project organization and sharing features.  It’s cool to find out that 73 other people are working on the same neckwarmer pattern, for instance, and to see what they all look like in different yarns.  So if you’re on Ravelry, drop by and say hello!

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Been knitting like a fiend to finish my cardigan and to make Xmas gifts. I tell myself that it’s because I carpet-bombed my extended family with crocheted gifts last year, and amateurish products at that. I blush to think of the gray and purple bobble headed cap I gave my MIL.

Because I knit rather slowly, I’ve had to cut a few corners. So far I’ve finished three neckwarmers (here’s a dirty secret: they take way less time than scarves. And even less if you use fat yarn!). And one fingerless glove.

So I’m feeling guilty towards crochet right now. In my defense, there’s the crocheted felted bag I’m making for my best friend… but many other crochet projects are languishing.

Running around town with my cardi (worn with a clasp because I haven’t had time to shop for buttons), I’ve gotten a lot of compliements. Here’s the thing: I am now known as “a knitter” at my office. Gasp! Have I sold out?



A peek at the neckwarmers being blocked, waiting for buttons. Pattern from Yarn Abuse. Happy to say that both were made with stash yarn–Malabrigo worsted merino, double-stranded.



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