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Snow and Sky, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Taken at Royal Gorge cross country ski resort on Monday, the morning after the snow storm. It grew so warm that all the snow on the trees melted off.

Sunrise @ Ice Lakes

View of sunrise over a frozen lake from our room at Ice Lakes Lodge. I wouldn’t recommend the lodge–or at least, the lodge restaurant, where the bussing staff’s hygiene practices were suspect. Lots of families, not for a romantic getaway. But the view from the rooms was amazing when it wasn’t storming outside.


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Babette goes on

Whew, up to panel 7 now. This is taking a while, mostly because I keep second-guessing the color sequences, the woeful decision to dye some of my own colors, and my recent knitting binge. You may notice that I swapped out some of the colors in the earlier panels–mostly removed some oranges and browns to keep things a little fresher. As I was ripping out the sewing, I thought to myself “I gotta get checked out for OCD.”

Babette Blanket Panels 1-7

Three posts in one night. I never have time to post anymore, it seems. Among other things I’m working on a confidential project (not craft related), will post more when it goes public.

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Slightly Slouchy Hat

I knit 3 hats in the last month. What is going on?! Oh yeah, the cold weather…

Knit this one using Patons SWS in Geranium from my stash (yay). Seed stitch is horrible! Will never do it again, I swear. Though the trinity stitch is intriguing…. 🙂

SWS Seed Stitch Slouchy Hat - back

Here I am looking rather haggard. Get this woman some concealer!

SWS Seed Stitch Slouchy Hat

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This is a popular spot for wedding pics. It was such a beautiful day for a change that I couldn’t resist snapping a few as I walked by this Friday.

Lake Merritt Arcade

Lake Merritt Arcade & Shadow

Brings back memories, actually. No, not of a wedding, but of being nineteen and “running away” from boring suburbia to this neighborhood. The area was predominantly African American then, though it is “mixed” now. I used to hang out with my boyfriend on the outdoor stairwell of our apartment smoking clove cigarettes and watching the flashing marquee of the Grand Lake Theater.

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