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New Home and an Escape

Moved to an apartment that is a short bike ride from work so that I can come home during the day to walk my dog… that is, when I get a dog.  To be honest, I don’t love my apartment.  On the good side, the building is small and nice, and the unit has hardwood floors and a gas stove.  But there’s semigloss paint everywhere — I may repaint if I stay — with not enough light.  The surprise was the procession of grocery store delivery trucks past my bedroom window at 6am (curse them!).  Some things you don’t find out until you move in.  But it will do for a short while, considering how hard to get an apartment that allows dogs, especially if you don’t already have a dog to present to the landlord.   (See?  He’s no  Kujo.)

The last week has been an emotional wringer, not least because of frantic work demands, and I am so glad to feel somewhat clearheaded at last.   Don’t know if this is going to be a long separation or a short stop on the way to the big D, but I feel almost ready to live alone.

Tomorrow I fly to Seattle.  I’m taking my sister to Olympic National Park for fantastic hikes and then Vancouver for fantastic food.  It could be a blast, as long as we don’t annoy each other to death, and I look forward to the distance.


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for the fact that I’ve been absent for a whole month is…  (TMI alert!) (more…)

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