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First of all, many apologies to those who left questions, tips and encouragement and never got a response; and to new visitors whose comments took months to get approved.  I hand’t posted in so long, I didn’t realize there was still traffic.  Truth be told, I’ve hardly had a minute to even lurk on Crafster or Ravelry for the past few months, having been buried under an avalanche of busy-ness.

But thanks for all the encouraging comments!  Gives me heart to start crafting and posting again.

Forgive me as I kavetch about my life:

Moved back in with spouse. working out okay so far.

Otherwise my life is all about going to or putting together conferences: going, speaking, writing, fundraising, organizing, organizing, organizing, worrying about head counts for the caterer and things like that.  It’s been cool in some ways.  I wrote an invitation to a high ranking congressional staffer and she shocked me by returning my call.  and then everyone started beating down the door to get in.  I have such a hard time saying no.

The one crafty highlight is that I joined a fantastic weekly stitch ‘n’ bitch organized through Meetup.com, that wonder of online/real world social networking.  Really friendly group of women; diverse too like an Oakland stitch ‘n’ bitch should be, race/ethnicity, age, and craft-wise.  And it’s in a fabulous tea shop.  What more could I ask for?


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