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O Canada

My partner and I recently took a two week trip to Seattle, WA and Vancouver and Whistler in BC with my partner.  We ate so much wonderful food that our waistlines will take weeks to recover.  The following is a selected list, believe it or not:

  • twice-baked almont croissant and pear-almond-cherry tart from Bakery Nouveau, a 5-star French bakery in the “West Seattle Junction” district
  • savory Asian street food on sticks at the Summer Night Market in Richmond, BC.  Used to be the Richmond Night Market but there was some shuffling over permitting issues.
  • fresh, delicious tuna and sake (salmon) nigiri at Sachi Sushi in Whistler, BC
  • spicy pasta puttanesca at Nook, a new restaurant on Denman St. in Vancouver
  • Lebanese food at Nuba Cafe on West Hastings in Vancouver
  • Tuna tacones at Go Fish, a shack on the seawall just across from the fisherman’s dock near Granville Island in Vancouver

Vancouver and Whistler were gorgeous despite frenetic pre-Olympics infrastructure development activity and cloudy skies.


The first couple of nights, we stayed with our friends Judy and Jenny who took us to the Night Market.  Their dogs were a total bonus for us.  In Whistler, Ulysses and I rode a gondolas to the peak of  Whistler Mtn. It was frakking cold and windy, and the Musical Peaks trail was closed.  So we took the Peak 2 Peak gondola to Blackccomb mountain, where a couple of trails were open for a stretch.


The next day we hiked the (badly marked!) trail that leads from Brandywine Falls to a suspension bridge, which we sadly didn’t quite get to see because we ran out of time.


Then we lazed around Vancouver for a day or two, before my friend Diana very kindly showed us around. Vancouver, which (like the trails near Whistler) are all very steep.  It’s the glaciers that formed this landscape. Everything goes UP very quickly.  Thankfully, the hike to this lovely viewpoint above Hidden Cove was not too long.


The next morning, when the sun finnally came out, we kayaked in False Creek which divides downtown Vancouver from the southern reaches of the city.  The waterfront in this town is lined with high-rise condos, most of them recently built and looking the same.


That afternoon my camera battery died as we slogged up the BCMC trail to the top of Grouse Mountain, climbing 2800 feet in 2 miles (oh, the pain!)

rode a couple of gondolas (enclosed lifts) to Blackcomb Mtn to in Whistler hike around at the top;  hiked on the trail from Brandywine Falls to the suspension bridge; hiked 2800 feet in 2 miles (oh, the pain!) up Grouse Mountain (the BCMC trail, not the insanity of Grouse Grind).biked around Stanley Park;

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