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I Heart Malabrigo

Three posts in one day?  Call it pent up demand.  Here they are, my Malabrigo babies. Ooh, they’re so soft and cuddly and classy to boot!

Neckwarmer (single)

A gaggle of neckwarmers
I knit the bottom two first, using Malabrigo worsted merino double-stranded, and it came out beautifully. The pattern from Yarn Abuse is especially quick continental style, which makes the “slip stitch with yarn in front” part a breeze.With Malabrigo Aquarella (top two), I skipped the stitch pattern and did straight stockinette to show off the gorgeous texture of the thick and thin yarn. However, even after blocking there’s a little bit of a curling issue at the edge; next time I’ll do a garter or seed stitch border. I made all of these a bit shorter than the pattern, placed the buttonhole in the center of the edge instead of a corner, and did a few crochet chains instead of I-cord for the button loop (works just as well IMHO and a lot faster). On me, the top corner bends down like a collar when I button it, and I kind of like the effect.Oodles of yarn details on my Ravelry project entry for this, if anyone is interested.

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Been knitting like a fiend to finish my cardigan and to make Xmas gifts. I tell myself that it’s because I carpet-bombed my extended family with crocheted gifts last year, and amateurish products at that. I blush to think of the gray and purple bobble headed cap I gave my MIL.

Because I knit rather slowly, I’ve had to cut a few corners. So far I’ve finished three neckwarmers (here’s a dirty secret: they take way less time than scarves. And even less if you use fat yarn!). And one fingerless glove.

So I’m feeling guilty towards crochet right now. In my defense, there’s the crocheted felted bag I’m making for my best friend… but many other crochet projects are languishing.

Running around town with my cardi (worn with a clasp because I haven’t had time to shop for buttons), I’ve gotten a lot of compliements. Here’s the thing: I am now known as “a knitter” at my office. Gasp! Have I sold out?



A peek at the neckwarmers being blocked, waiting for buttons. Pattern from Yarn Abuse. Happy to say that both were made with stash yarn–Malabrigo worsted merino, double-stranded.



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Boteh Scarf

Pattern: Boteh Scarf by Kathy Merrick, in Interweave Crochet — Spring 2007.

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn, in “Lipstick Lava” (I think #270). I paid $22 for one skein of 450 yards, and have enough left to maybe make a couple of wrist warmers. Good deal for such beautiful color variegation.

Hook: 4mm Susan Bates Silvalume

Modifications: I joined the pointy tips of each motif to the side of the next one while crocheting the border, to create a smoother snaky look.

My mom gave me a Jiffy steamer that she wasn’t using, and I tried it for the first time to block wool on this project. Worked like a dream! So much easier than washing.

Boteh Scarf Detail

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Malabrigo Scarf

I’m really starting to appreciate variegated yarns. The colorway does so much of the design work for me. Fellow craftsters, I present my first sorta-interesting knit FO:


Garter lace scarf in oh-so-soft Malabrigo Worsted Merino, on 5mm Clover bamboo needles. It took a whole week! I got tired and finished off after one skein. Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches plus 2 extra. One row pattern repeat: slip first stitch, *k1, p2tog, k1, YO; repeat from *; knit last stitch of row. Very easy in continental knitting. Thanks to the folks on the Craftster knitting board for teaching me that a lace pattern where you work both sides (instead of always purling  across the “wrong side”) is called garter lace.

The photo is washed out because my partner didn’t use the flash, and I corrected the lighting in Picasa2, a free image finishing software from Google. Picasa2 has been a godsend; before that I was using Microsoft Publisher to edit blog pics.

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The Blues

Phhht. It was a beautiful sunny day out today. But I was up all night with insomnia, and have the blues real bad. So I give you this view from my kitchen window:


The rain was several days ago. I rather liked it.

Given the miserable failure of my sweater knitting attempts, I’m working my way up with something smaller but still interesting. I bought a couple of hanks of lovely blue-green Malabrigo worsted merino (mmm, soft…. just wish it didn’t smell of vinegar).


*k1, p2tog, k1, YO, repeat from *. An extra stitch on each side for selvage. I’ve worked on it every night this week, listening to NPR (National Public Radio). It is now 4+ feet long. I’m finally getting into the zen of knitting; this pattern works up quickly on continental technique, and feels almost like crocheting.

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