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I return to this blog with serious intent to start posting regularly again. It was a busy season of conference-going and conference-organizing, and I’m so happy summer is here.  Went on a 7 mile walk through lovely Golden Gate Park with my hiking meetup yesterday.  Today my partner and I strolled down to the farmer’s market for lunch.  They had pizza from a portable wood-fired oven, can you believe it.  Then a few blocks to the Temescal Street Fair on Telegraph Ave (the part in North Oakland, not Berkeley).  Dozens of local artisans and more food, yum. I HELLA HEART OAKLAND!

I’ve finally downloaded Picasa onto my MSI Wind (my beloved little 10″ netbook that could) and taken some projects pics.

For some reason I’ve gotten into a lot of knitting lately.  It took a couple of weeks to knit up this bag, which needs lining.

Messenger Bag WiP

Pattern:  adapted from Guitar Messenger Bag in Greetings from Knit Cafe by Susan Mischer. Yarn:  TLC Heathers in purple heather .  Needles: Knit Picks Options Size 6.

Maude Louise WiP

I took a dive into my first knit sweater project involving knitting pieces in the flat: Maude Louise. The cardigan pattern calls for expensive drapey yarn, but I went with Cascade 220 in Flamingo Pink from my stash. The waistband pattern was a bit slow going but fun and easy once I got the hang of it. Working on the right front now, a bit scared about what the set in sleeves will be like to sew.


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I finished the charcoal raglan sweater just in time for Xmas.  Guess who it was for?  Er, my spouse.  We’ve been hanging out a lot, and I dared the curse of the boyfriend sweater to make it.  Apparently I dodged the bullet, will explain later.

I will try to skirt TMI territory, but suffice it to say that relationships are complicated and hard to explain to oneself, much less anyone on the outside.  And then there are the anxieties of parental units (mine and the in-laws).  To whom I say unequivocally, “Back off, you evil demons!”  Okay, maybe not the demons part.  But you get the gist.

Chacoal Gray Men's Raglan Sweater

Here is a pic taken on my sister’s crack delivery vehicle iphone.  Fuzzy resolution, but doesn’t it fit beautifully?  Many (grumbly) fittings en route.  I even did short rows at the shoulders and to make a kind of shirt tail in the back 🙂

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I’m stunned that it’s been so long since my last post.  At least I’ve been keeping busy crafting.  Finally wrapped up Babette.  Just the first 9 panels, then I ran out of steam and figured it would make a good lapblanket for the couch.


Truncated Babette Blanket


Also knit up a brimmed cap in three evenings using the Page Boy hat pattern from Stitch Diva and Lion Brand Landcapes, a beautiful bulky weight yarn.


Knit Pageboy Cap w/ Brim


Knit Pageboy Cap w/ Brim 2


Here’s a another top down raglan I’m working on.  Lion Wool-Ease Chunky (works up fast!) in a beautiful dark charcoal gray that does not show in this pic.


Men's Top Down Raglan WIP


But let me vent:  I will never do a top down raglan again.  It’s supposed to be easy, but I never end up with the right number of stiches for body and sleeves, no matter how many times I rip back.  And I dislike the squared off neck.  Next time I’ll try a top down yoke with evenly distributed increases.

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Been knitting like a fiend to finish my cardigan and to make Xmas gifts. I tell myself that it’s because I carpet-bombed my extended family with crocheted gifts last year, and amateurish products at that. I blush to think of the gray and purple bobble headed cap I gave my MIL.

Because I knit rather slowly, I’ve had to cut a few corners. So far I’ve finished three neckwarmers (here’s a dirty secret: they take way less time than scarves. And even less if you use fat yarn!). And one fingerless glove.

So I’m feeling guilty towards crochet right now. In my defense, there’s the crocheted felted bag I’m making for my best friend… but many other crochet projects are languishing.

Running around town with my cardi (worn with a clasp because I haven’t had time to shop for buttons), I’ve gotten a lot of compliements. Here’s the thing: I am now known as “a knitter” at my office. Gasp! Have I sold out?



A peek at the neckwarmers being blocked, waiting for buttons. Pattern from Yarn Abuse. Happy to say that both were made with stash yarn–Malabrigo worsted merino, double-stranded.



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Two Sweaters Done

Finally! That is, I finally got to post and finally finished this:


My albatross, er, Malabrigo cardi. It has many, many wonky mistakes in it but after nearly 6 months it was time to wrap it up and pray to the blocking gods to fix the problems. I just hope it looks okay after blocking because it’s cold and I have exactly one sweater that I’m not ashamed to wear to the office.

And this one was easy-breezy, Baby It’s Cold Outside (BICO) from www.crochetme.com, in easy care acrylic (ahem, Vanna’s Choice *cough cough*). The color is washed out in the photo; it’s actually a nice deep plum/purple. It fits my best friend’s baby perfectly, but the little critter was napping when I finally delivered the sweater with buttons. Hopefully will get action pics over the holidays, as he looks darling in it.


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WIP – Malabrigo Cardi

MalabrigoCardi2, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Knitting is so much more fun with soft yarn! It’s a bit small at my chest, even accounting for a button placket. One of these days I have learn how to do short-rows! Hope it blocks a size up after it is finished. 🙂

I free-styled this top-down raglan with yarn-overs for the increases. From the waist down, I’m adapting the lace peplum stitch pattern from the feminine puff sleeve cardigan pattern in Fitted Knits. After I finish the peplum, it’s on to the sleeves.

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I’m in shock from starting a full time job for the first time in over a decade. Can I say that the 9 to 5 routine is inhumane? Stop bitching, you only have to go into the office 3 days a week and the rest is flexible.  Anyway, I managed to make a little progress on a couple of projects.  Here are a couple of WIPs. Hopefully I’ll dye some yarn this weekend and finally get going again with Babette.


Ghislaine from French Girl. Again with Woolease. I love and hate Woolease. It’s cheap, it’s soft (in most colors), but the quality control is less than ideal. Notice that the sleeve on the right is thicker? Same yarn, same dyelot, different gauge!! After this, no more Woolease for clothing.


A knit cardi I’m winging with Malabrigo worsted merino in Shocking Pink. I splurged an Addi Natural bamboo circulars, because this was too slippery on metallic needles. No pattern; I fudged the raglan increase placements, but so far so good. Being knitted from Malabrigo, it’s as soft as a cloud. I know it will fuzz like hell; I just hope it fuzzes in a charming, not ugly way, if you know what I mean. But at the rate I’m knitting, it will be done some time around the New Year if I’m lucky.

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