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Deja encore — in green


Lest you think all I’ve been doing is buying yarn… I finished this a week or two ago. The first one I made is here. This time, it’s the same length as the French Girl Deja pattern, but I made some adjustments to smooth out the neckline, and did a slightly denser shell stitch on the last row of the border. My intention was to make long sleeves, but I’ve been wearing it around as is. One of these days I might finish those sleeves and join them.


I look like a linebacker in this shot! 🙂

ETA: A few notes about pattern adjustments.

  • For both: In the row where you create the arm opening, the spacing as prescribed by the pattern was way too large for my proportions. So I wrapped the fabric around my torso to see where I needed to place the openings.

For the light green version:

  • I did a series of edge decreases at the neckline, above the row where you place the armhole openings. This created a smooth, plunging neckline
  • In order to reduce the floppiness of the border, I used a smaller hook size around the neckline.
  • For the same purpose, I also substituted (dtr, ch)x5 for the shells in the last row all the way around, and x6 for the shells on either side of each of the bottom corners. Dtr = double treble crochet.
  • Instead of crocheting the ties into the border, I just did a separate length of chain stitch. That way, I can tie it wherever I want or leave it off.

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FO: Deja


I’m very pleased with the bohemian look of the Deja pattern by French Girl, ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool.* (No, my left arm isn’t longer than my right; it’s just a weird perspective thing.) It worked up in three evenings, and even then I made some adjustments and backtracked in one part where I got confused by the pattern. If you ever do this one, read each part of the instruction through the end, not just the end of the sentence, or you might miss something important.


Used the new Lion Cotton-Ease instead of the recommended Rowan Cotton Tape (which I think might be discontinued?), with a 6.5mm hook. Cotton-Ease is a much cheaper and, I daresay, a good substitute. This cotton-acrylic blend has nice drape and elasticity. The loose plies mimic the effect of tape yarn rather well–the yarn doesn’t lay as bulky as a cotton yarn of its gauge normally would. Surprisingly light, it drapes gently on the body.


I added a few rows to account for the changed row gauge–a few too many, in fact, given how long it turned out, but I like the look. Readers should note that the one on the model seems to have been worked in a larger size–thus the neckline plunges a bit lower on the diagonal.


This was a surprisingly elegant (as in simple) garment construction. You start with a v-stitch panel, increase for the bust, then separate off with a chain sequence for the armhole opening. You continue to v-stitch across, then do rapid decreases for the neckline. Then you add the trim. I’m tempted to design a full-sleeve crochet cardigan based on this, kind of like a raglan sweater where you knit the body and sleeves from the bottom up and join at the armpit. Learning, learning, learning…

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Have to make this quick because I am seriously behind on my last dissertation chapter–and then onto the Intro that has been the bane of my existence for 3 years. But I’ve been happy to have quick-crocheting garments to work on. What they have in common is that they’re not bulky and stiff, like crochet garments can often be.One is a lacy design with sport weight yarn. Even with a relatively lifeless acrylic, it’s turning out to be very wearable. The other is a sideways construction vest using a worsted acrylic blend. Simple back loop single crochet not only gives it a ribbed effect, it creates a supple fabric.

smokey-quartz-tunic.jpg from F06 Interweave Knits

1. “Smoky Quartz Tunic” from the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. Happened to have a ball of Lion Baby Soft (sportweight) that I’d rejected for another project, and it’s working up quite nicely with this pattern. (Only complaint: the yarn splits and is kind of uneven.) I’m calling it “Black Quartz.” This acrylic yarn doesn’t drape well–any ease tends to puff out–so a tighter fit made more sense.

The lace yoke was challenging and fun. Then the rest of the pattern moves fast:


blackquartzsweater2.JPG (more…)

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