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Here are my newest treasures, found at SF Japantown Kinokuniya Bookstore:


300 Motifs/Edgings — ISBN 4-529-04233-2


What I love about this book is that it shows how to connect motifs, and how they look in a group. Click for larger pic.


A hat book! ISBN 978-4-529-04296-3


This book includes a bunch of brimmed caps, including some with bottom-up construction (not the one shown).


Love this fedora-esque hat! Best thing is, all the patterns are diagrammed in the round, like this one for another hat (click for larger pic):


I can’t wait to make a few of these!

<edit> I finally figured out how to do progress bars without futzing with the CSS for this blog, thanks to this thread on Crochetville.  Thanks to noricum for letting people copy her html!


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I picked this up from Kinokuniya in San Francisco J-town last weekend. My sis and I rounded off the trip with sushi-boat sushi (for nostlgic value, if not the best food quality) and a crepe-and-ice-cream cone (yum!). A lot of the patterns are a bit conservative, elegant-dowdy for my taste but others are sumptuous, like the lace wrap/collar on the cover and several of their shawls/scarves The patterns are challenging; many involve intricate motif work, some requiring yarn flower makers.

The pics is borrowed (not hotlinked) from a nifty blog, Buzzville, until I can get my own pics done. Check out their site for more pics and cool craft books.

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