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What the ??? It’s huuuuge. (That chair is a giant LaZBoy). Especially the armhole opening — 2-3″ longer than need be. I don’t know if it was the knitting design software or me. The stitch gauge I plugged in was maybe off by 1/2 stitch per 4″, but the row gauge was right. I’ve noticed that free Knitware trial software consistently spits out the wrong row counts. Kind of frustrating to discover after hours of work.

Click here for a picture of the sweater hanging on the machine, and a glimpse of my messy work style. You might spot a slice of pizza on the counter.


Frog! At least I’m happy about my new wool winder, a prezzie from my partner for handing off Chapter 5. Meanwhile I’m going back to crocheting. My Woolease shipment from Knitting Warehouse–always quick–came in a few days ago.


I had to run out the door just then, but I swear I wanted to roll around in the soft, colorful balls–they’re for the Babette blanket (see this post). Would have bought these at Michael’s except the one nearby only carries drab colors, yuck. The WEBS shipment of Plymouth Encore should be here tomorrow, yay!

Here’s a parting action shot of the rainbow hat on my partner, who has claimed it for himself.



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