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Joshua Tree

Desert photography is tricky! The light is so harsh, what little color there is washes out. Here are my best attempts:


Joshua Tree in Bloom

After a while I realized that black and white works better given the lighting conditions.

Joshua Tree Flowers



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Snow and Sky, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Taken at Royal Gorge cross country ski resort on Monday, the morning after the snow storm. It grew so warm that all the snow on the trees melted off.

Sunrise @ Ice Lakes

View of sunrise over a frozen lake from our room at Ice Lakes Lodge. I wouldn’t recommend the lodge–or at least, the lodge restaurant, where the bussing staff’s hygiene practices were suspect. Lots of families, not for a romantic getaway. But the view from the rooms was amazing when it wasn’t storming outside.

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Back from Yosemite

We survived! That is, my sister, partner and I didn’t strangle each other or wound each other’s souls during four days together. Saturday: biked around the valley on rickety cruisers (my favorite ride; damn these East Bay hills!) and cooled off with a river swim. Sunday: hiked up the endless stairs of the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls and then Nevada Falls, then back down along John Muir Trail. Spectacular views!  Later that night:  gazing at constellations and shooting stars, lying on the causeway through the meadow.

Best quote from the trip — My sister about my husband: “He’s better than any stick… you should try him out!”

He’d helped her down a steep portion of the John Muir Trail. I was using a trekking pole.


Mist Trail to Vernal Falls – photo by my sis


Vernal Falls – photo by my sis


View at the top of the world – near Nevada Falls.

Bummer that none of the pictures of the pool above turned out. Whenever I’m near clear, ice cold fresh water, I must jump in and swim around until my skin grows so numb that the water starts to feel warm.


View of Nevada Falls from John Muir Trail – photo by my sis

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Back from Oregon

The view from the front porch.

Ulysses and I visited his parents weekend. They live in a green, rolling landscape near Ashland, Oregon with their sweet old Labrador retriever, Joby.

Meet Joby. She likes to hug people by leaning against them.

On Saturday, I browsed through Websters in downtown Ashland near Lythia Park.  Great yarn selection, no sales tax. Also crocheted the last panel of a purse and sewed the pieces together. Still needs some tweaking to look finished.

I’m not sure that a visit with family counts as vacation. My partner has a large family. I need a lot of personal space and don’t like crowds in enclosed spaces. That makes for stress during extended or large gatherings. But this time was mostly mellow and pleasant. We had a great time biking around Hyatt Lake on a sunny day, then relaxing at the beach and playing fetch with Joby. Outdoors, she transforms from an obsequious underdog to a total jock.


Yup. We need a dog.

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Since my commencement is next weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day for my mom yesterday in San Francisco. After a nice brunch at a restaurant overlooking the windy coast, we took a long walk in Golden Gate Park, my favorite urban park in the world. It was a perfect day, sunny and breeze with no trace of the usual fog.


Dutch Windmill


Flowers bloom year-round in the Bay Area, but are particularly abundant in spring.


Sun-speckled path

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