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I return to this blog with serious intent to start posting regularly again. It was a busy season of conference-going and conference-organizing, and I’m so happy summer is here.  Went on a 7 mile walk through lovely Golden Gate Park with my hiking meetup yesterday.  Today my partner and I strolled down to the farmer’s market for lunch.  They had pizza from a portable wood-fired oven, can you believe it.  Then a few blocks to the Temescal Street Fair on Telegraph Ave (the part in North Oakland, not Berkeley).  Dozens of local artisans and more food, yum. I HELLA HEART OAKLAND!

I’ve finally downloaded Picasa onto my MSI Wind (my beloved little 10″ netbook that could) and taken some projects pics.

For some reason I’ve gotten into a lot of knitting lately.  It took a couple of weeks to knit up this bag, which needs lining.

Messenger Bag WiP

Pattern:  adapted from Guitar Messenger Bag in Greetings from Knit Cafe by Susan Mischer. Yarn:  TLC Heathers in purple heather .  Needles: Knit Picks Options Size 6.

Maude Louise WiP

I took a dive into my first knit sweater project involving knitting pieces in the flat: Maude Louise. The cardigan pattern calls for expensive drapey yarn, but I went with Cascade 220 in Flamingo Pink from my stash. The waistband pattern was a bit slow going but fun and easy once I got the hang of it. Working on the right front now, a bit scared about what the set in sleeves will be like to sew.


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Joshua Tree

Desert photography is tricky! The light is so harsh, what little color there is washes out. Here are my best attempts:


Joshua Tree in Bloom

After a while I realized that black and white works better given the lighting conditions.

Joshua Tree Flowers


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Snow and Sky, originally uploaded by Rina7.

Taken at Royal Gorge cross country ski resort on Monday, the morning after the snow storm. It grew so warm that all the snow on the trees melted off.

Sunrise @ Ice Lakes

View of sunrise over a frozen lake from our room at Ice Lakes Lodge. I wouldn’t recommend the lodge–or at least, the lodge restaurant, where the bussing staff’s hygiene practices were suspect. Lots of families, not for a romantic getaway. But the view from the rooms was amazing when it wasn’t storming outside.

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This is a popular spot for wedding pics. It was such a beautiful day for a change that I couldn’t resist snapping a few as I walked by this Friday.

Lake Merritt Arcade

Lake Merritt Arcade & Shadow

Brings back memories, actually. No, not of a wedding, but of being nineteen and “running away” from boring suburbia to this neighborhood. The area was predominantly African American then, though it is “mixed” now. I used to hang out with my boyfriend on the outdoor stairwell of our apartment smoking clove cigarettes and watching the flashing marquee of the Grand Lake Theater.

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Sunshine for a Blue Day


Feeling maudlin today, and an hour in of dance exercise class failed to shake it loose. So I played with my camera and another Trader Joe’s $4.99 bouquet.

One of these days I would like to write a post about relationships and love. Right now I can’t even find the words. It’s just that sometimes I feel as if I’m living out a Latin American Novel, namely Love in the time of Cholera. The idea of that novel as a metaphor for my life isn’t even my own; someone else pegged it a long time ago. I tried to forget about it. But lately it’s been shocking to look back and see how the ways in which I’ve lived that story.

Sometimes an idea can insinuate itself deep into your mind. At the crossroads, they quietly push you in certain directions. Maybe this only happens to romantics.

I think I’ll finally do some more Kool-Aid wool dyeing for Babette, to cheer myself up this evening.

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