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I return to this blog with serious intent to start posting regularly again. It was a busy season of conference-going and conference-organizing, and I’m so happy summer is here.  Went on a 7 mile walk through lovely Golden Gate Park with my hiking meetup yesterday.  Today my partner and I strolled down to the farmer’s market for lunch.  They had pizza from a portable wood-fired oven, can you believe it.  Then a few blocks to the Temescal Street Fair on Telegraph Ave (the part in North Oakland, not Berkeley).  Dozens of local artisans and more food, yum. I HELLA HEART OAKLAND!

I’ve finally downloaded Picasa onto my MSI Wind (my beloved little 10″ netbook that could) and taken some projects pics.

For some reason I’ve gotten into a lot of knitting lately.  It took a couple of weeks to knit up this bag, which needs lining.

Messenger Bag WiP

Pattern:  adapted from Guitar Messenger Bag in Greetings from Knit Cafe by Susan Mischer. Yarn:  TLC Heathers in purple heather .  Needles: Knit Picks Options Size 6.

Maude Louise WiP

I took a dive into my first knit sweater project involving knitting pieces in the flat: Maude Louise. The cardigan pattern calls for expensive drapey yarn, but I went with Cascade 220 in Flamingo Pink from my stash. The waistband pattern was a bit slow going but fun and easy once I got the hang of it. Working on the right front now, a bit scared about what the set in sleeves will be like to sew.


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Catching Up

My partner and I just returned from Joshua Tree National Park.  We camped two nights at Jumbo Rocks campground, book-ended by one night each at a hotel and a B&B. All the joshua trees and flowers were in bloom, and we had a great time hiking through desert canyons and scrabbling over boulders.  The B&B, Roughley Manor, was a pleasant alternative to a hotel and served a delicious breakfast.

Now I’m totally itchy from sunburn and the dry weather.  I used SPF 70!!  but alas did not re-apply often enough on our 6 hour hike from Cottonwood Oasis to Lost Palms Oasis and back.

On the craft front, I got kind of bored again with Babette but will probably pick it up again soon.  Meanwhile I have plans to knit Berrocco’s Brea Bag.  I have a hankering for bags. Recently I bought this bag by Angry Little Girls (formerly Angry Little Asian Girls) from a local store.   My partner is not so crazy about that one, but I love it and carry it with me all the time.

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