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Puppy craft

Our puppy Henry is now 7 months old, in full power chewing phase.  None of our furniture has fallen prey, thanks to rigorous chew toy training.  But we were forced to have Henry sleep on a folded up towel because he started to eat his crate pad.

I had a bed custom made for him, but that didn’t solve the chewing problem.  So I improvised a cover that goes over both the bed and the tray underneath, so that he can’t get at any of the bed with his molars.  (Some dogs pick away at things with their front teeth, but not Henry.)  Found a great fabric by the yard from Ikea, measured and cut, sewed two hems, and then basically laced the thing tight using a makeshift cord (crochet chain of mercerized cotton yarn).

Henry was so excited he tried to jump in before I was done adjusting it.


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