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I finished the charcoal raglan sweater just in time for Xmas.  Guess who it was for?  Er, my spouse.  We’ve been hanging out a lot, and I dared the curse of the boyfriend sweater to make it.  Apparently I dodged the bullet, will explain later.

I will try to skirt TMI territory, but suffice it to say that relationships are complicated and hard to explain to oneself, much less anyone on the outside.  And then there are the anxieties of parental units (mine and the in-laws).  To whom I say unequivocally, “Back off, you evil demons!”  Okay, maybe not the demons part.  But you get the gist.

Chacoal Gray Men's Raglan Sweater

Here is a pic taken on my sister’s crack delivery vehicle iphone.  Fuzzy resolution, but doesn’t it fit beautifully?  Many (grumbly) fittings en route.  I even did short rows at the shoulders and to make a kind of shirt tail in the back 🙂


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