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Lest I forget: I’ve been sitting on top of my Japanese motif and stitch pattern books wondering what to do with them. Then I saw this post called “Strawberry Lace Summer Cardigan” on Crochetville. The creator joined a strip of motifs to fit around her torso where she wanted the sweater to end, and then worked upwards in a different lace stitch pattern to create the body. Brilliant! Now I know what to do.

Will update post with pics of WIPs (Cupcake and 2nd stab at Totoro) later tonight; gotta write my diss. 😉


Bottom-up construction always trips me up, so after a couple of frustrating starts I decided to convert the Cupcake sweater from SnB Happy Hooker into a top-down pattern. A bit tricky to do, since my gauge is off too, but I feel much more comfortable with this approach. Click here to see what it looks like laid out entirely flat.


My Neighbor Totoro, down to the shoulder line, using craftster Angry Angel’s pattern. The first go with worsted weight yarn turned out way too big, so I switched to a sport weight yarn, Bernat Softee Baby. I had hoped this yarn would make a nice cardi, but no, it’s like Red Heart Soft Yarn, great texture and drape with a tendency to pull out of shape and stay that way.

(Renee: recognize the stitch marker?)


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