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First of all, I’ve been meaning to post these: a few people crocheted hats using my Hep Hat pattern — Steen and Renee over at Craftster, and angie_star at her blog. I think they all turned out great!

Gathering the yarn for Babette blanket — and figuring out how to dye the colors I can’t find — has had me tearing my hair out about color. What the heck is the difference between periwinkle and lilac, for instance? What pigments do you mix to get eggshell robin’s egg blue?


Duh, I live half a block from a good art supply store. Turns out a decent size color wheel is costs less than $5. It doesn’t tell you shade names, which are, it turns out, somewhat arbitrary. But now I know periwinkle is a mix of blue and purple, while lilac is a mix of purple and red.


In addition, here’s on online online color mixing palette that lets you experiment with different proportions of primary and secondary colors. What’s cool about this site is that if you mix with a secondary color, it will register the increments of the primary pigments that make up that color.


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